Animals redefined!


Animals tv series promo cover

Guys and girls,there’s a new show in town( I mean on TV). HBO have gifted us with yet another thrill from it’s set. Meet Animals,the new animation comedy series from the Duplass Brothers..

When I saw the trailer and the tag line I was like,”This is just sending Boondocks(urban comedy animated series) vibes” but then again,Boondocks is not about animals.
.. Whether it’s lovelorn rats,
gender-questioning pigeons or
aging bedbugs in the midst of
a midlife crisis, the awkward
small talk, moral ambiguity and
existential woes of non-human
urbanites prove startlingly
similar to our own.
Tagline; unexpected tales of urban life


Are these what you call Pigeons? Gat know idea!

What’s to like:
*It’s a whole new level of new. We haven’t seen birds and horses chatting about social issues in a while…so, this is a yay
*The setting is very urban thus very relatable. It’s all about the issues affecting people from the ordinary levels of life which is a plus
*The fact that we are using animals to send agenda is a good thing because,like in literature,there won’t be any direct attacks


Horses,at least,yes,these ones i'm sure!

What’s not to like:
*So this is the part where I state what I disliked from the trailer and there’s just one thing that left me feeling meh……why are those toons so stiff?? They are like sticks,ain’t even opening their mouths?? C’mon people!
The trailer sells it well enough because I already heard some funny lines. Yes,real funny!
It’s for adult audiences. Thanks HBO!
It’s out today!
Share your thoughts once you tune in!

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