Hollywood Round Up!


Joe Alaskey

How’s y’all my good people so far?*in Wendy Willimas voice* A lot’s been goin’ down in Hollywood and yours truly is here to help you keep up. Of course we’ll miss some stories coz I’ll just be dishing snippets….but you know what they say,get some,lose some. Starting off with sad news…
Joe Alaskey(above) has passed away at only 63. He was a famous voice actor who worked for Looney Toons. Remember Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck and sweet little Tweety? Perhaps you don’t so lemme show you one toon to jog your memory


Looney Toons' Bugs Bunny

Yes,now you can picture the rest of the toons. We pray that he may rest with the angels.



Taylor Swift aka Tay-Tay is expected to feature in a video game,her own video. The production is being taken care of by Glu Mobile who also made video games for Katy Perry and Kim K. When is it out? Not confirmed yet but we’ll be patient. Anything for Tay-Tay!
Speaking of Taylor, a suspicious man,was spotted skulking around her house. That’s not how to get a girl’s attention. It’s creepy. Not in his ~wildest dreams~ will he now get a chance…..
Moving on….


Kanye West fake Rolling Stone cover

Drama-king Kanye,or if you like Ye, has pulled it off again. I mean his usual drama/attention-seeking antics. He posted a Rolling Stone magazine cover and as it turns out,was so fake. Then he went on a Twitter rant{not forgetting the twar he had with Wiz Khalifa recently} with the mag. We get it Ye,we simply can’t keep up!


Kylie Jenner and Tyga~ #Kyga

#Kyga went on a romantic date. Seems Tyga wants to really prove to Kylie he’s a good man. This is after Tyga was rumored to be smashing Kylie look alike- Val Mercado.


Val Mercado,Kylie's look-alike

Val is quite the look-alike hey? #NuffSaid
And now,let’s sum it all up with a mag. Vanity Fair unveiled its Hollywood Issue featuring Lupita Nyong’o and Viola Davis among others. After the #OscarsSoWhite fiasco,seems no one wants to be insensitive towards artists of colour.
Good work Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover

That’s all from Tinseltown.
Any updates from your side?

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