Playlist: 8 new jams to see you through the week


Rihanna's Anti front cover

Studies have shown that if you don’t listen to music you are an alien. Which means it’s time for you to pack up and go to planet Mars(where aliens live). If you are an ardent music lover,it means you are a normal being. So,here’s a playlist you should have
This is a new jam by Rihanna and Drake from Rihrih’s album Anti. Has this song been praised a lot or criticised? Good question,which means you should listen to it and decide.
By The Chainsmokers(of the popular selfie song) and Rozes. They never dissapoint. Sidenote: none of the Chainsmokers smoke in real life. Talk of irony!
In the night
This hit is by The Weeknd. There’s just something about this guy when it comes to songs that takes you to a whole new high.
Zayn Malik(who left the 1Direction boy band scandalously) has a song for all you love birds!


Kagwe Mungai

Moving over to local awesomeness..
Hot this year
This is a dancey kinda jam by none other than the much-drooled over Kagwe Mungai and Muthoni The Drama Queen. Where she been at?
This could be us
Love with a touch of dope rapping by the controversial-esque Octopizzo.



Third Party Lover
The all amazing Dela gives us this joint. Are you a clande or a mistress? Honey,this one should be in your playlist. Time to be your own boss lady!
Vile Naskia( how I feel)
By magnetic Juacali and Wyre. These two are kings in their own right when it comes to Kenyan music. Need I write more?

Links to this post;
For international hits; Billboard
For local hits; Mdundo Kenya

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