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Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck on cover of Gone Girl

Gone Girl. One of those movies of 2014 that really took over the cinemas. I watched it. I looooved it,my God,I loved this one. I took a lesson or two from it…and I want to share with you(which makes me a very good person,almost a saint!)….

Amy Elliot Dunne ,played by Rosamund Pike,is a brilliant and intelligent(very intelligent) writer,who gets married to a magazine writer. From a blissful marriage to a disastrous end. I will not get into the nitty gritties but here’s a little bit about what happened. Amy found out that her man,Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) had an affair so she plotted her own murder and framed him for it.


Ben on cover of Gone Girl

To be fair,Amy was not a saint. She was a villainous,ambitious,vengeful lady….
As she talks us through her vengeful plans in the movie,she says something that clicks and has been playing in my mind ever since…
Yes,those are the words of wisdom from the villainess. Though I have paraphrased it because,c’mon,most of us are good at forgetting things (stop judging me) .
What does this leave us with;
*If we want relationships to work,we have to put some effort into them
*If we want our careers to flourish,we have work harder
*If we want to achieve our goals,we have to commit ourselves to achieving them


...till it's gone!

How hard are you working to see an area in your life is improving? Work it!
This is for all adults outchea. Hey,don’t forget it was Amy who said this,not me!
Have a productive day.

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