Instagram Slang; KFB!


IG gave us a career in photography!

We are in the dawn of the age of Instagram and some of us are losing track(I ment to write me). I am pretty sure you haven’t heard of this one IG slang..

Like are you friggin’ kidding me? Of all acronyms we had to come up with this one? Mind you I am complaining because up until now I had no clue! Meeehn that sucks big time!
Well,if you have been a fool ..*clears throat…* person who occasionally falls of the trend wagon,KFB stands for #KindlyFollowBack
So,a comment on someone else’s post would go like…”hey yoh,I followed you so KFB or else…”


Can you?

But do you realize what message #KFB actually sends to the world? We have kind souls on Instagram! Wow! How believable….
By the way,when I turned to dear old google,the definitions I got for KFB were just crazy! Samples;
1) Kentucky Fried Beaver
2) Knit in Front and Back
3) Korean Federation of Banks
4) Kill From Behind( Seriously!?)

So,how many are for;


You can now tag KFB too!

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