WCW : The fashion of Janelle Monàe


Janelle Monae in white

They call her the queen of black and white I call her the queen of black beauty and white purity. Enter Janelle Monàe,fashion extraodinaire in her full armour of soulful glam..
Red Carpet Fashion


Janelle at the BET Awards red carpet

*She serves the right amount of leg
*She ups her game with killer stilletos
*The makeup? I ain’t no guru in makeup but clearly our girl’s got this game!
Beach fashion


Janelle vacationing

*She’s no trashy b*tch when it comes to the beach….and I guess in this vacay she was humming 🎼party at the beach down in Coppa Cabbana 🎼
*A mix of sexy and reserved giving us #ClassyWomanVibes
Pop Fashion


Is that a castle on her head?

*Yup,she knows which colors work up magic when it comes to pop culture
*Hues of gold,blue(or a close blue variation thereof) and majestic shoulders to go by
The hair…


Braids to love..

*Going all hot long braidy here
*She has jewellery on the hair! (Unfortunately this pic couldn’t show) this bae though


At the Billboard's Women In Music

….and this is how you rock an all black glittery ensemble! Slay momma Slay!
There’s just something queenly and eccentric about Janelle that makes her so unique,don’t you think?
To our Woman Crush this Wednesday, all hail Queen Monàe!

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