Photo News | Maina Kageni,Diamond Platinumz,Kobi Kihara and Njugush!


From top left: Maina,Mr.T,Diamond and Njugush

Pictures speak a thousand words but to be honest I’ve never heard them utter a word,have you?. Here are 4 of the most eyebrow-raising pics everyone’s talking about on the net…

Maina Kageni


Maina in kitchen holding meal

Popular radio presenter served us with this dish and drink. I never caught the name of the meal( damn,Italian is hard) but this is what he said…
“I just prepared
creamy seafood tagliatelle …… And the
customary dabo dabo”      
My question is,why all this hoohaa about a meal?? Unless someone,or many,are hungry!
Kobi Kihara


Kobi's new bae...Mr.T

Ladies go on and choke,salivate and….erhem….cause this guy is taken. This piece of good stuff belongs to tv presenter Kobi Kihara and apparently,ladies are swooning over him. Kobi posted a cryptic line on her social media referring to him as Mr.T. Well,what can we say,she got a beefcake!


Njugush looking fine in blue suit

All men look sexy in suits. A quote that seems to have been brought to life by actor Timothy “Njuguna” Kimani of the House helps of Kawangware TV show. I want one for me too!
Diamond Platinumz


Diamond Platinumz with Zari Hassan

Killing us with envy was Diamond’s intention with this photo. The Tanzanian musician shared this pic of him holding his baby momma Zari and all we can say,this couple slays it! #HotValentines’Vibes
What’s in your mind dear reader?

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