Sanity or Love? | Touched With Fire


Touched With Fire cover

I was checking out some few movie trailers and I landed at this one. Touched With Fire. I thought to myself,intense! Here’s why
.. Follows two poets with bipolar disorder
whose art is fueled by their emotional
extremes. When they meet in a
treatment facility, their chemistry is
instant and intense driving each other’s
mania to new heights. They pursue their
passion which breaks outside the bounds
of sanity, swinging them from fantastical
highs to tormented lows until they
ultimately must choose between sanity
and love….
This sends the message of a very emotionally charged production.
4 Reasons why I find this movie interesting are;
1) Raw
We are hiding no feelings or controlling no impulses when it comes to this one. We are at the centre of human hearts,unmasked. It’s even a little scary
2) Art
The lead characters are poets and poet is art. We use it when we are trying to show people who want to find themselves,to understand what makes them tick and why. As you can see in the first few moments in the trailer as both of them pen down poems, it’s so much part of them.
3) The disorder angle
Bravo to the producers for this inclusion. Using something as sensitive as bipolar disorder to drive a story is usually good. Those who have such a problem in the society will feel included and to many,it will be a glimpse into something we will never fully understand. It gives people a chance to try and understand, and at the same time see their failings in dealing with such people in our lives
4) Katie Holmes
Seriously? I was just kidding.


Katie with Luke Kirby

For those of you who like deleving into the deep corners of the heart and emotions,this is the one for you.
It’s a post-Valentine movie. Meaning it doesn’t come out till late Feb.
Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer and comment…

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