Celebrity’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts


V-Day is fast approaching people. To make matters worse(or awesome for the love birds),it’s gonna take a whole freakin’ weekend! Not sure what to get her/him? Take a cue from celebs…



Bulgari emerald diamond necklace

When it comes to jewellery,celebs think of diamonds. From Victoria Beckham to Kanye West,diamond bracelets and rings have been used as a symbol of expressing love.
This means it’s time you took a loan and head to a jewellery shop before 14th. Whatever piece of ornament you get,let it be a unique one.


Bentley Brooklands

Get her a Bentley! That’s what Russell Brand got Katy Perry when they were an item. But if your bank account can’t squeeze in a machine this big,you can always buy her a small toy. Even a dildo is a toy,right? Oh, well…
Hit the florist’s


Lush bouquet of flowers

Good ol’ roses never let anyone down. If all else fails,just buy her flowers.
Ladies,what are you getting your man? He’s not gonna do it all for you. Make him feel special too. I have a suggestion, you could get him an island!


Johnny Depp's island

That’s the aim of the day. Make them feel like a billion dollars!

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