Fitness Friday: Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift GQ Magazine photoshoot pic

Before anything else,in as much as we’d like to say Taylor gets her skinny-ness from working out,that’s not entirely true. She’s naturally slender so ladies,don’t overkill here. Now that we have the it all cleared up,let’s move on to how she keeps fit


Taylor lookin' all fab

*She does a 1 hour long cardio everyday and it doesn’t matter how busy she is. She’ll make time for this. This she does on her treadmill or elliptical trainer. How else is she going to keep those long juicy legs of hers shining eh?
*Listening to music. Yup! I know,you also didn’t expect this one as part of her workout routine. This is her way of destressing. She knows that if you are stressed,you are likely to just eat and eat and eat,uncontrollably so!
Her diet
*Prepare to be surprised- she eats more and works out more. I will not get into the minors so what you should take home with you is the part of eating. When working out,don’t just focus on getting skinny to the point where you deprive yourself. But if you know you ain’t like Taylor on working out,better look for other alternatives.
*She takes like 10 bottles of water a day! (Say whaat!) and she stays away from sugary drinks. Get hydrated. Stay on water, keep away from soda.
The results


Taylor on stage


Taylor Swift on the cover of GQ magazine

*Legs legs legs!
*She gets to cover magazines
*She slays all day all time
*…and just like that,she’s the talk of the town!(world, rather)
Taylor aka Taytay is a celebrity which means to her looking the part is near to necessary. Don’t go craycray with wanting to get her body. Do what’s do-able and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.


Wuuuuuh..slaying it on the red carpet!

And that’s a wrap from me and Taylor! ;)…yes I had to say that,c’mon…

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