“Golden” lessons from Dennis Oliech!


He’s not playing for any club currently. He doesn’t have a formal job that people know of. Yet,he still parties harder than the typical college student. Wow,I want a bit of the stuff this guy is smoking right now…*but just to be clear,it better come free*

Popular Kenyan soccer player Dennis Oliech has caught the eye of the press(and public) yet again. The international footballer is eating life with a big spade(or at least seems to) but all of us were wondering where that kinda dough is being pumped from.
Then we saw this pic on his social media account which he took down after a short period of time. Security reasons,perhaps?


The guy is selling gold for a living. Pure and real gold bars!
And I’m thinking to myself;
*He shows us that quitting is not an option
*He’s telling us to remember that at times you have to put up face even when you are down
*He’s reminding us that life is diverse,out of a job? Your salvation might lie in a business venture
*He’s telling the world,unwittingly,that he’s going to get back on top
A little controversial for him to sell gold but you have to admit,he’s not giving up on himself and that’s the kind of message we want in our life.
What do you think?

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