Do you know yourself?


Kenyan songstress STL has a new jam that has got me feeling oohlahlah. Do you know why?
Identify yourself
This is the title of the song and the message here is pretty clear. I was impressed by the fact that this is a very new direction in music.
The video
I was even more impressed when I saw the video. There’s is use of art in the song as seen by a masked guy standing behind her as she looks through the mirror. All about this person who has no identity and her looking through the mirror is a message that she is trying to find herself
The lyrics
The lines are all about knowing who you are. Finding your self worth. Being confident in your skin such that you don’t just move with the crowd. Plus she uses local slang in some parts which makes the song very relatable.


Stella Mwangi aka STL does good work in this song. There’s more to life than just being…take your time to really find the inner authentic you. Take time to learn to appreciate your flaws and all.
You can watch the video here and share your mind…

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