Talking Point: Ageless Art


Sia has been known sing socially conscious songs

Do you find yourself hating anything with the reference “important”,”deep meaning” or “useful”? Yea,same here. Hate might be a little too much so let’s just say most of us have a ‘distaste’ for all things “important”…
This is evident mostly in what we consume for our minds and what is availed to us for consumption. Consumables for our minds and spirit include music,films,books,magazines,art. Are we consuming healthy music,books? The goal of art should be to help us get a deeper meaning out of life. Provide an insight into our humanity. Clearly reading trashy tabloids(guilty as charged) and listening to songs that talk about nothing but “am f**king you tonight” is not how to go about finding a deeper understanding of life.
The masses
Our art gods should feel challenged and create art that is of great meaning. The modern person is perhaps the reason as to why most of our art is shallow. The typical John wants every magazine to have a sexy Jane for him to find reason to read. Today’s Jane wants every musician to flash their six pack as the song plays for her to fully “enjoy”.


The Monalisa painting has been one of the most mysterious art pieces

Role of artisans
This is still no excuse for art creators. Their role is to find a way,by all means possible,to show us that life means so much more. Their duty is to create something so worthy that generations to come will see what we saw,how deeply we saw it and lived it and then come up with their own conclusions. Their job is to show us that we are not rooted here and if we are rooted here,we are here to plant new crops. Crops that will he eaten by many others and will blossom into great trees as they continually get watered generation after generation.
Some people might argue that there are movies,songs that touch on human emotions and behaviour. True,but how many are they and how popular are they? I bet most of the time you will watch a popular film and it will leave you feeling excited, entertained..if not a little horny(Fifty Shades of Grey we see you). But will it make a positive impact in your life? Will that impact make you touch someone else’s life?


Singer Lenny Kravitz giving the ladies that "look"

The way forward
We should come to a point where we give people what they need. People want what they want but it can always come with something extra. The extra something that says,”you’re not just here to survive, you’re not just here to make money,not just to look good…you’re here for a REASON and a PURPOSE that you must continually seek. You’re here to make others also see they’re living for a purpose they must fulfill”.
To our gods of art,the seven days of new creation are now yours to do as you are called to,not as you please.
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