Funny and interesting pics of the week you must see!


What's he holding?

The week is finally over(huraay) and we are ushering the weekend with pics like this one above. Weird right? You ain’t seen nothing yet..


Very creative...but still creepy

This guy curated a dick-shaped tree. Wow. Dude. How’d you think of that? Apparently he just wanted to amuse his neighbours. Well done,because now he has amused the whole world.


How many yays for this?

Teaching us how to bond with man’s BFF. Surfing with dogs? True genius. Do you have any bite marks though Mr surfer?


Makeup or no makeup,Adele still errrr rocks!?

So umh,yea,this happened. It’s Adele without makeup shopping like any other human being. I said ADELE. Yes,the hello girl. I will just stop there…



Lawd no! This is what we call being slammed bad! I can’t hold in the laughter anymore….😂😂😂


We miss such times

Ladies,you should try this and see whether you will be set free or sent to a mental institution…
I will probably spend my weekend catching up on my fave series/shows. What about you?

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