Celeb status symbol | A toast to the stars with these drinks!


A bottle of Jack Daniel's..

Are you a lover of fine drinks? Surprise,surprise! You are not alone. Celebrities too are choosy when it comes to what they put in their mouths. So,what do they drink?
Jack Daniels. Or is this a spirit? I’m a little clueless considering I drink more of Coca Cola than cool whiskey. Get my drift? You will see the likes of Kenya’s Shaffie Weru holding down a bottle of Jack. For the much fancier clique of celebs,you will spot them with Ciroc. Just think Kid Ink.


The famous Círoc vodka..

Very cheap. I don’t even want to shock you with the small pricey figure that this vodka goes for.
THE Vodka
Yes. There’s THE vodka my people. Louis XVIII and it’s group including the Remy Martin Louis XIII.


The expensive Louis XIII Cognac...

Just think $1500 plus. Uh-huh…*running out of breath*…..
Can I just break into their bank accounts?
I onced trailed Vera Sidika on social media,the Kenyan socialite,and I think I saw a bottle of Dom Perignon on her Instagram page. Or did I?


Dom Perignon...

*salivating and choking* So as I was saying,this is the kind of wine you buy when you want to spoil yourself. Like really spoil your taste buds with a heavenly touch.
But do you know what wine power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce take?


Armand de Brignac in gold..

Armand de Brignac. I will not even dare pronounce it because we all know how tricky French can be right? How much does a bottle go for you ask? *cough cough cough*….no words…
Soft drinks



Mountain Dew. Angelina Jolie’s partner drinks Mountain Dew. Seriously Brad Pitt? My new hero,my new fizzy drink!
What do you drink?

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