Hot topics that rocked the weekend!


Noti Flow,Kenyan rapper queen

Apart from celebrating Rihanna’s birthday,this is what else was trending during the weekend…time to catch up!

Noti Flow,Joji Baro,Binyavanga are some of the Kenyans in the limelight who are openly gay. And they have produced a video that is pro-LGBT. How did Kenyans react? Just as you would expect. They trashed the video terming it as “satanic” to say the least. Umh,don’t people commit much more heinous and grievous crimes in secret than just “being gay”?
My point is,Kenya is not ready for such things but at the same time we can’t just bury our heads and pretend these things are not in our society. Enough said.
Cecilia’s break up,divorce?
Maybe. Well I don’t know for sure but former miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi confirmed that she split from her man,politician Danson Mungatana. She was the second wife to the man who happens to be the husband to K24 news presenter Mwanaisha Chidzunga.


Cecilia Mwangi

It must have been a tough decision (or maybe not) but all in all she’s moving on. I just hope she chose her happiness and her child’s too above all else.
Sleepy’s leaked pics
So,yea,Churchill Show comedian failed to pay up a photographer. A photographer? These peeps charge loads nowadays it seems. The photographer got pissed and gave the public a piece of his work. For free. At Sleepy’s expense


Kenyan comedian Sleepy

I’d say this is just a failed publicity stunt but because the pics made it to the public,let’s just say it worked. Kinda. That girl? No one has a clue who she is.
How was your weekend and how is this week coming along?

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