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Ari Emmanuel is the man behind supermodel Gisele Bundchen

This is the most sensitive job in the whole entertainment industry. That’s what I think and believe. You don’t agree?
You are tasked with managing someone’s career. Get it right. Career. This is a very huge part of a person’s life. So if you’re gonna pursue this, better do it right.
*A degree in marketing or management is preferable but it’s not even a must,remember though,education is important in life
*Nothing else required
Most talent managers specify in a given field say in music or acting. This does not mean they can’t handle many talented individuals but you know what they say about finding a niche right?


Kenyan singer Avril got her start in music by teaming up with talent manager Emmanuel Banda

Job description
*Looking for new opportunities for clients
*Showing artists(if it’s music) new directions
*Handling contracts and deals
*Keeping up with industry changes


Theresa Peters is the force behind the success of Ewan McGregor

Most people in the entertainment industry want to really make it. What does this mean? There’s a need for talent managers in this day and age and the best thing is that anyone can become one.
Focus on getting yourself in the ground first and things about pay will come with time as you learn how a given field works.
Any takers?

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