Good vs evil battle it out in this new song


Kenyan artist Bamboo

Has this guy been living in some unknown foreign country or what? I also don’t know. But Bamboo is back and with a new joint that is bound to make you uneasy, very uneasy…
Good over evil
This is the title of the song by this Kenyan rapper. The song is more Gospel than secular which shows he changed for good. Does this mean you can’t recognize him in the video? Yes you can. He’s still the typical Bamboo we knew all those years ago with his swag and all. This is a major earner because,ha! You’ll relate with the guy. So what is his message;
He talks about his God being awesome and he’s all about doing good over evil. Selling one key point to the masses;do the right thing. That’s what religion,Christianity in particular is all about. I also liked the part where he sings..”stop rebelling”. It does not necessarily have to mean rebellion over God but also over authority and over set rules. Rebelling for the sake of rebelling is never the way to go.
He lights on issues such as the illuminati. He doesn’t put it bluntly but the images and signs he shows are proof enough that he has taken his stand. He also points out on issues such as fornication. What’s your stand in life? Bamboo knows where he falls so what about you? Where do you belong? Don’t even take the religious perspective but just look into your life. Make a choice. Make a firm stand.


Bamboo holding Mic..

The beats are not that strong so you won’t struggle to get the words. The video is a little artsy and he makes a lot of reference to Africa. Kudosfet for that!! In the video you see a man who has been wrongfully pinned down by the justice system but he’s eventually set free. Good always prevails over evil is his line of thought there.
You can watch it and have your say

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