WCW: The shining Alaine Laughton


She’s lovely. She’s talented. She’s Kenyan. Oh wait,she’s Jamaican but we just wish she was Kenyan. This doesn’t change the fact that Alaine Laughton is launching her album here in the +254 and she’s today’s woman crush…



Eish,you guys I don’t know about you but I feel this lady’s songs like craaazy. Emotional and romantic is all you get from listening to her joints. Is this a good thing? Yes it is. A little love never hurt nobody!
She has performed in the country severally which makes her score major points. She’ll be in the country for an exclusive meet and greet session with industry players where during which she plans to launching her new album. One of her songs will feature comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill as “Wafula”. I’m now fully love struck!


Does this pic answer any question you might have on whether she’s stylish? I bet it does. All stars look the part. It would be an unforgivable crime if she didn’t know how to SLAY it!!


Beauty is in the eyes of those who see Alaine. Just see for yahself. She seems to age less as she grows older. Perhaps there’s just a drink or something special she takes in order to look this awe-some,don’t you think?
Love life?


Honestly, I have zero clue! Why? Sometimes you’re better off not knowing the truth. Her guy(if she has one),might do terrible things to me if he finds this post. I’m blissfully ignorant. So should you be.
What else interests you about this musician?

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