Talking Point: Criticism in Media


Do we judge our stars too harshly? By we I mean primarily the press (which includes pop culture bloggers like yours truly). Some celebs’ reputations have been severely tainted by the media and while some may not be receiving a lot of heat,none has walked a smooth path
Starting with the bad….


Beyonce in Formation song video

The media thrives mostly on negative news. If it bleeds,it leads. Crazy but true. That’s why,should Octopizzo make a not-so-nice remark about another famous self,we are going to have a field day. His remark is going to be milked dry and at the end of the day,a villain self of Octo will have been created. Take for example Beyoncé’s new song Formation. It caused quit a stir. Reports were just on how badly people responded to the hit. We almost forgot the boldness,creativity and effort it took to make it. See what I’ve done? Negative first,positive last. And here I claim to be a pioneer of change! How ironical right? Wrong! This is exactly how things work.
What does this mean?
So are we saying that the media should stop selling crappy stories about pop stars to the masses? Are we saying that the extreme shitty reporting should stop? Or should we just cut it down a little? You know,maybe say two bad things and one really nice thing? I have just four words. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.
Their side of the story
It’s okay to criticise. It’s fine to say celeb A is not doing it right or celeb B is doing it like a pro. One might say that reporters know nothing about celebrity lives. That it is so unfair to judge someone you barely know just because of their status. My question is,do they tell their story?


Kenyan stars DJ Mo and wife Size 8 on the cover of Drum magazine

I’m glad when I see DJ Mo and Size 8 on the cover of magazines. It shows they want to tell their side of the story. Or when musicians sing about songs that give us a glimpse into the real lives of celebs and not just about love and sex.
The cycle continues
At the end of the day,it’s still going to be a mix of healthy and unhealthy reporting. Jabs will be thrown,praises will be showered here and there,attacks and counterattacks….That’s why some stars decide to live privately. Too privately I might add. They know how the game works.
Taking charge
The media should not be blamed entirely. At times our decisions will lead us into temptation,and that’s where a paparazzi will be waiting hungrily to snap. Or it will the story of the sex worker who will try to make money through a piece that wouldn’t even be had you not stepped into that strip club knowing you have a wife and kids. Oops! Negative reporting again.

What’s your opinion on this?

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