Vera Sidika quits Nairobi Diaries | 4 Reasons why it’s a good thing


Vera Sidika via Instagram

Who’s gonna be the new reigning queen of K24’s celebrity reality show? Maybe Pendo. Vera Sidika was arguably the star of the show. That’s what I’ve read over the interwebs. I’m not an ardent fan. What happened?
Why she quit
*She alleges the show was scripted
*She says she didn’t want to work with people who bring out the worst in her
*She said she didn’t want to ruin her image
*She said the show had too much negative energy
Vera is very controversial. But Pendo is even more controversial. She came out saying;
*Nairobi Diaries is not scripted
*No one held Vera at gun point for her to do the said scripted parts
Not forgetting this is the same girl who they’ve been on collision with for long


I see "someone" wants to look out!

A move in the right direction because;
She really does care about more than just being on TV
Avoiding negative energy? Wow! Being a celeb must be hard enough so adding more pain to that is not good and seems our girl must have realized that
3)Time for others to shine
Given that you won’t be seeing her on TV,this will be the chance for other socialites in the show to put their best feet forward. I mean,dramatize it more till they make it.
She’s now trending. Bravo!
What’s on your mind dear reader?

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