Young beautiful stars of March!


These are the young stars who are slaying on magazine covers this March…
Above is actress/activist Amandla Stenberg on the cover of Asos magazine. Side note; she’s only 17y/o and she got this magazine game like a seasoned queen. #NuffSaid
W Magazine


Eish! Eish! Eish! What happened to Selena Gomez on this cover? I’m lost for words but on the up side,they’ve shown a side to her we didn’t know…
Latina Magazine


Slay! Slay! Slaaaaaay! Becky G is one hot rising artist and this one did her justice like nobaaady’s biz!


#TeamAdele as always….we just can’t seem to get enough of her British vibes hey,love!


*kissing screen*…well,that is just me saying how much I adore this cute actress who wowed us in the movie The Fault In Our Stars(okay,that’s a lie,she just made most of us cry while watching)…Shailene Woodley you rock!
CR Fashion Book Magazine


The divine-ness of model Gigi Hadid just keeps getting better…here she sports the typical Americana look,what say I? Is she still dating Zayn Malik? If she isn’t, well…takers are many #JustSaying
Another Magazine


Is it just me or does Kristin Stewart have this deep mystical look around her? Or is it just her and her beige walls(code for bland)? This cover shows depth and that depth earns her major points with me!
Marie Claire


I just had to share this one. I had to. This Dakota Johnson cover got me feeling all hot and frisky,maaaan she has outdone herself here! The colors,it’s passion of lust love like never before…

A bonus for the ladies…


Or more specifically,Belieber chiquittas…Yes,we are forgiving Justine Bieber for doing so much justice to this GQ cover!
Whadya think? Which star nailed it for you?

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