Where is this series?


Solomon Taiwo,cast member..

ANIMAL BLACK OPS: KENYA. This is the title of the 2016 production with a Kenyan name and a Kenyan connection(obviously). Problem is,no video or poster is out…
The US Fish and Wildlife Services has a special
unit; The Office of Law Enforcement. It boasts
261 special agents. It even has its own Forensic
Laboratory which supports international
investigations of wildlife crimes. The unit exists
because, over the last five years, it has become
apparent to the West that many of the world’s
terrorist attacks are funded by the cash
generated from animal poaching. This series is
the story of some of their investigations as the
Office of Law Enforcement battles the richest
and most determined wildlife criminals in the
world. What’s more – President Barack Obama
has now extended this fight to territories outside
the USA. In a Presidential Order last year he
committed the USA to financing and arming
teams across the world to hit back against the
animal poachers. This series is the story of that

What do you think of the storyline?
If you come across any promotional material on this,do share..
Source: IMDB

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