Papa Dennis clears the air!


Music producer/singer has come out clean. He’s not dating(shagging?) the alleged socialite-in-the-making lass from Daystar University..

Dennis Mwangi aka Papa Dennis,has risen from the lowest ranks(from an orphan in a modest background) to the toppest of them all(now one of the most sought after producer in the country). And you know what they say about women,they love powerful men! So,Dennis,chillax,for the lady it’s human. Plus the media was still going to make this one big story.


I always salute celebs who make things right on their own. He didn’t just let the rumor continue without giving his input. Being a star is a full time job.
Here’s the full message he wrote…
am writing this to you with a heavy heart
regarding the news going around that am dating
the supposed groupie ,socialite Martha wajero….I
want to make things clear:
1.she is not my girlfriend the only attachment I
had with her is when she worked with maliza
umaskini as a model in one of my videos called
NJOO and a few voluntary work she did for the
organisation.we worked closely and she showed
interest but I was not interested in her.
NB:she is just a model like all what other models I
have used in my videos.when I get a lady and am
ready I will not hide her.
2.miba WA kujitakia haliitaji dawa.
They say they know you by your friends and now I
have to bear that being attached to her
because she was seen by huddah who is known
as a socialite and that affects people’s perspective
of me.
3.I want to apologise to my fans and the church
and take responsibility to make things right.there
are a lot of challenges I face as a public figure I
humbly ask that you keep me in your prayers am
always open to here constructive correction.thank
you for always supporting me.
Yours papa Dennis
And you know what the best part is,he takes  his stand as a Christian.
What do you think people?

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