Fitness Friday: Ciara


A dose of Ciara's awesomeness

You know it’s Friday when you see a fitness post here. I know most of y’all forget to take care of ’em selves and that’s why I’m here. This is how musician Ciara stays fit…

She owns one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood at the very young age. She was recently in Lagos,Nigeria  for a concert( Feb 28) and decided to stay a little longer. What did she do with her time? Dancing in the streets showing her uber-banged body


Post- Workout session or dance session?

*She does a few rounds of boxing which is a cardiovascular workout
*She does about 200-500 ab exercises (daily!)
*She also does a bit of weightlifting
*Drinks a lot of water,and by a lot,I mean a lot(she says she treats water as medicine,which has to be in constant supply)
*She highly discourages salt intake
*She takes brown rice,broccoli,spinach and turkey(whole grain foods,vegies and proteins)
*She also takes protein smoothies


The Grammy's dress which left us wondering why the leg was dying so hard to be seen 🙂

She’s one mamita who werks that flesh of hers…..
*Synched waist
*Killer abs
*Healthy skin
*Drool-worthy legs


Red carpet sassyness


On the cover of L'Officiel magazine

Do you believe? Take care of your bodies too,you might earn yourself a sexy self of the person you admire!

Instagram: @Khan_the_blogger
~thanks for visiting,much love~


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