A star in the making!


Hellow people! Another week to work! work! work! for our dreams. Talking of doing what we can to reach our goals,here is one man who is pursuing music with all he’s got. Here’s the interview I had with Allan Paine,the young rising star…
What is the story behind the name Paine?
..I’ve had a rough life in the past. All I knew and could feel is pain. The word pain was from the song of the day “99 problems to sum that up”. I had little peace in my life.
Has that stage name raised issues?
..My stage name has definitely raised issues. But it’s simply because when I initially showed interest in music,people used to give me all sorts of names: Calliente,McPayne,Kylla boy..but none of those made me complete. I needed a name that would reflect the kind of life I live and what most artists go through. *Paine from pain*
Has music always been your thing?
…not only has music been my thing but part of my life. It is a medium for me to let out what I feel and think is right through it.
What genre of music do you sing?
..Hiphop and Rnb
Which genre would you say is the best?
..I believe it depends on your passion.


Since you started recording,would you say you are seeing progress?
..As an upcoming artist,I’d say it’s slow but sure.
What challenges have you faced?
..finances,that is the major problem. Because producing a song requires some money. Being looked down upon by other artists who have made it and from peers who don’t think I will make it. The support I get from peers is not enough,they forget we all have to start from somewhere.
Sorry to hear that. So do you take lemons everyday? I hear they improve vocals…
..(laughs a little).. Well,not really. Just once in a while.
On average,how many hours do you spend in the studio working on a song?
..a maximum of two hours for on one song.
What else do you do beside pursuing music?
…I am an undergraduate student taking Bachelor of science in Strategic Management


Which artists do you admire,both locally and internationally?
..locally I like Kaligraph Jones,Wyre and Gloria Muliro. Internationally I have a liking for Jidenna,Chris Brown,Akon,Enrique Iglesias and NeYo.
Will you be releasing any new songs soon?
..I’m working on a new song that will probably be complete by August.
Some of your songs are very emotional,what do you hope to achieve through them?
..trying to get into people’s hearts,consoling them in whatever challenges and heartbreaks they go through. And also trying to open their eyes to see beyond the pain,to show them that something good will sprout out of it.
How can one connect with you?
Facebook: Allan Paine
Email: allanpainebest1@gmail.com


You can go to Mdundo and look for the artist profile “Allan Paine” for his songs such as
“Love is not a fight”
“Live your life”
or you can click
HERE to get his song “Strong”.

Instagram: @Khan_the_blogger
~thanks for visiting,much love~


5 thoughts on “A star in the making!

  1. Phyllis wairimu says:

    Am happy for you Allan n u ll surely make it in life n in ur misic .don’t give up.u are so talented I looove your voice n ur songs are so touching.they inspire me.good work you are doing there keep up.big fun


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