Nature through the eye of photography


There’s just so much around us. Natural beauty given to us free. A depth that we at times don’t see. Yet still so free for us to capture. In this post,I share with you some pics from a man,with a love for nature and a liking for all things artsy in photography….

Deep in the horizon….


I was just impressed by how he was able to snap the setting sun. Horizons are always a magical moment for most nature lovers,if not the artists in us. Giving us that feeling of the end of something and a hope for a better tomorrow…..
Trees…(of life?)….


Can I make a quick confession? Trees always remind me of the Garden of Eden. Where it all started…the temptation,the original sin,the banishment of humans. Oh,wait? Sunday vibes hey? Today is Monday. And Mondays are for great start-overs. So,let’s view trees as signs of new beginnings.


But I gotta question though,have you watched the series Shannnara Chronicles? What is it about trees?

Let the sky fall….
…and fall it will…..



The value of a flower…..


It takes a rare man to understand the value of just that one perfect rose. In this case the one perfect flower.
What do you think of the pics? Drop a comment.

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Instagram: @Khan_the_blogger
~thanks for visiting,much love~


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