Celeb status symbol : Beats by Dre


Oops! Katy Perry caught out in 'The Beats'

On to another fashion statement. Do you own a set,do you use them? Let’s break it down…
  What we hate about them;
*They are absurdly overpriced(let us not even break down that mullah)
*Some claim they give poor quality sound. Really? Is it hate? When the options are many and the cost ain’t that competitive,well…..*fill in the dots*….


Nicki Minaj looks extremely excited wearing 'The Beats',yea,really excited right?

What we love about them;
*Get them and you are on the next level of being tagged supercool of the society
*I really can’t find anything else to say. Help me out here…..
*Umh,okay,…so…umh,we love beats by dre don’t we? All I know is,I want! Badly!


David Guetta showing love for 'The Beats'

What we don’t know about them;
*Is it a plan to have all of us spend our money? Hard-earned money for that matter
*Is it a plan to make everyone cool? Goodbye to nerdiness!
*Is it a way to make Dr.Dre famous? Yup,of course it is! This was clear enough from the beginning..


We are still addicted..

There’s a tasty thing and it goes by the name of Beats by Dre. I mean seriously,that pic shows celebs lickin’ em. Licking! For goodness sake’s people! Hunger? No,I bet it’s just too amazing to own them,you gotta taste too!
(Sidenote: even after all these years,Beats By Dre is(are) still a thing(!) )
It’s never that serious. It’s never personal. Hit the comment section.

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