Here is Amani’s new love song!


Kenyan pop musician Amani

Have you been on the streets of YouTube lately? If no,then here’s a little something for you..
Kenyan pop artist Cecilia Wairimu aka Amani has teamed up with Congolese singer to produce a new jam.
This is the title of the song which features Washington and it’s all about how she’s planning on giving all her love. Are you planning on giving all your love to someone special?
Here are a few things I liked about the song and the video in general:
1)Dance mood
The song has this crazy dance beats to it giving it a very hippy vibe. Perhaps this is also because of the dancers in the video. You will probably dance when you watch it. You have been duly warned!
2)African fashion
She fuses a bit of continental fashion in the song evident  with the neck piece she’s wearing and the colors she rocks. Her fashion is quite good throughout the song.
3)The collabo itself
This is a project by artists from two different nations. What message does this send? Let’s be one!


Amani stopping us from checking her out or what?

Ladies,there’s a bonus for you: get to check out the different hairdos the girls rock.
I should now probably shut up and let you see the video for yourself…

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