Project X! The Kenyan edition


Loss of virginity,sex,drinking,smoking,music and finally some more sex. All sinners listen up! You are all expected to gather in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa area on 12th March..
There was a widely popular movie some time back of the same title and now it’s going to be a reality.
The posters have been all over the internet and social media. This has caused quite a stir in Kenyans leading to the government even chipping in.


The Kenyan police recently issued a statement saying the party has been banned from taking place. It is yet to be confirmed whether people are still expected to turn up.
Some are worried that this is a sign of the country’s moral decay and we would be unfair to the young in condoning it. We need to ban this and preserve the morals of those who were to attend.


Others say we live in a free world and thus we should all do what we want. Besides,it’s a private house party,what’s the big deal?
As usual,we are torn in our opinions because we all stand for different values.
My 2 cents:
*The young will still do other bad things. Bad is putting it lightly,let’s say worse.
*Forbidden fruits….
I also want to applaud all adults who have come out genuinely criticising this party. We should appreciate that someone feels some things are not right.
This shows people care for the young which is a good thing.


It will probably take place even with officials banning it.
Share your opinion…

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