It’s a battlefield…and we are lovin’ it!


Batman vs Superman 2016 poster

Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice. An interesting title for a movie expected to hit the big screens as of March 25th.
I have one question though,why is everyone a villain nowadays? I mean seriously,we all want to be the bad guys,then go back to being the good guys and be worshipped as heroes. That’s totally messed up and that’s totally why this movie is everything to die for(okay,let’s throw death out the window!)
.. Fearing the actions of
Superman are left unchecked,
Batman takes on Superman,
while the world wrestles with
what kind of a hero it really
needs. With Batman and
Superman fighting each other,
a new threat, Doomsday, is
created by Lex Luthor. It’s up
to Superman and Batman to
set aside their differences
along with Wonder Woman to
stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday
from destroying Metropolis.


Reasons why we already love this movie:
*It’s been ages since we last heard about Batman. My God,what a dryspell right?
*Triple dose of awesomeness; It’s Batman,Superman and Wonderwoman!
*Who doesn’t love a little feud?


What the story is teaching us;
*At the end of the day,we have to remember some things are bigger than our selfishness. Even in our lives,at times, we have to let go of our pride and self-centered ambitions to do the right thing for others.
*We all have admit that at times we haven’t got it all figured out. In the plotline it reads,”the world struggles to know what kind of a hero it needs”. Yea,we are confused at times and that’s okay.
*Don’t take underage kids to the movies on 25th. Hell yea don’t,it’s PG 13!
From the trailer;
*There’s a lot of fighting(which is a good thing if you are not planning on being bored by big-talk)
*There’s a dark edge to this movie that makes me want to watch it now!
*Science cannot be ignored when it comes to this one.
Will you be watching? How about I tempt you with the trailer….

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