Octopizzo’s new song “Prezidential” is here!


Cover of Octopizzo's new song,Prezidential

It’s yours truly again with a midweek treat for all Kenyan music lovers. Here’s a compilation of 4 things to know about this new jam by Octopizzo..
As usual,the video is top quality. Trust this maestro to deliver when it comes to quality. I found it clean and simple but he gave me a lotta Pharell Williams vibes with the blue ride and the baes.
Very African-Kenyan as a matter of fact. Less noisy,more classy. We dig. Perhaps this is the Kenyan “sound” we have been fighting for.


Octo jus' chillin'

There’s is an allusion to leadership with the inclusion of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta(founding president) and Retired President Daniel Moi clips in the video. He also talks about grinding hard for what you want and there’s is plenty of explicit spits here and there.
And I figured we need the lyrics because in the chorus he sings “its a wrap” so I’m left a little confused. Does he mean wrap or rap?
Not too artsy but there’s a display of a painting and his clothes,ah,his clothes,can I talk about that? They are art enough. I want!
The song is available on YouTube and on I-Tunes
Wanna see?

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