Talking Point: The perversion of Social Media


Friendships. I believe this is one of the key considerations the likes of Mark Zuckerberg had in mind when they were creating digital social platforms. The most crucial consideration,I believe,was authenticity. Social media is now facing doomsday. A different kind of doomsday..


Facebook came first,then followed twitter,WhatsApp,the gram and the rest followed(*not in perfect order*). For early joiners(like me),it was fun. Making connections with people you barely knew,contributing to trends that you found interesting, double tapping on lovely pics that others had posted…pure joy! Forming groups or being added to WhatsApp groups was another pure delight. Gathering several heads to fill a basket of conversations was usually one of the best ways to kill our mundane days. Until it was fun anymore.


I started getting many “friends” and “followers” and all this while I thought yes,I had hit the jackpot. As I grew and kept up with the social sphere,it dawned on me my friends were changing. They no longer talked about the things they used to with as much zeal,no longer made social media seem like a fun place….this is not what I had signed up for.


Nowadays it’s all about who has the most “friends”,who has the most “followers” and who gets the most “likes”. It’s about who is the kingpin and queenpin(?) of the “social” world. Don’t get me wrong,I am not saying it’s a bad thing. But when it gets to a point of buying(&faking) followers and likes and even getting spy apps,something is amiss. Spy apps? Insta-Unfollow,Crowdfire,Twitter-Unfollow: these apps will tell you who has unfriended you,who stalks you, who is your ultimate fan….I mean really? Have we come to this? All about keeping scores now? Perhaps social media has become too dynamic and such things are necessary. Or maybe it’s time we called it quits. We just want to cheat in all things!


At times when I see a trending hashtag on twitter,I get pissed off by some participants. Why would anyone promote their fish-selling business by tagging a #SayNoToHumanTrafficking hashtag simply because it’s number 1 on the trend list? I know what you will say,to get more exposure. Yes,inadvertently killing the main purpose and objective behind the tag. What about the nasty comments people post all the time,or the many explicit pics we see around? Am I being judgmental? Perhaps a little and I know some part of you agrees with me too.
Let’s get back to social media with civil minds. Let’s bring back the fun and let’s keep on building those genuine,healthy connections.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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3 thoughts on “Talking Point: The perversion of Social Media

  1. sagar arora says:

    I totally agree with you. I too have some friends who first do follow all and then keep those who have followed them and unfollows other just to increase their followership. 😌😌

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