Hollywood update!


Willow Smith with Karl Lagerfeld

Ah,my good people,how is this month treating you so far? Some of you are counting down to Easter I know. Anywhos,I thought we’d cross over to hollyweird and see what’s new over there..
Guess who has been named the new brand ambassador for French fashion house Chanel? If you are a mind reader then your guess was right,Willow Smith. This girl is going places I bet.


Kim's nude black censored pic

Then there’s was this ratchetness. The nude pic that Kim K West shared with the world. It received a lot of not-so-rosy responses(still is) and she was not one to clam up. She hit back at the haters in an effort to play even. Tit for tat? Kim has a thick skin,thick purse and even thicker thighs which means she can do whatever she pleases. Of course it was a little *meh* but it’s her body at the end of the day. Okay,i’ll leave it at that.


Cara Delevigne

The slayage that is going on here is one that has to be appreciated first before we proceed to the news…..okay,enough. Famous model Cara Delevigne is quitting the world of fashion modelling to join acting. Her reasons are: she wasn’t doing it for herself as she always wanted to make others happy and she didn’t feel like she was growing as a person(paraphrased). You know what,if you ain’t happy where you are,Cara has set the perfect example!


Some more Cara

Oh what the heck,let’s look at this beauty one last time!
In some music news….


Moonlight-ing with Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is dropping her 3rd album “Dangerous Woman” today.
For all those who had missed her voice then you are in luck!


Ariana Grande

Is it safe to say the album will be all about “dangerous women” in bunny clothing? Side note: we are still rooting for a Jariana~ Justin Bieber and Ariana hookup!


Meek Minaj snapchat pic

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj shared this snap to tell the world they are still together. Meek Mill is currently under a 90-day house arrest so you can imagine with all that time they have ,what do they do with it?*cough cough cough*

Still on couples…


Behati with Adam Levine

Baby no.1 is on the way for Adam Levine and wife Behati. Maroon 5 rock band will now have a new tiny lead singer! Congrats


"Kiss me like it's do or die"

Jason Derulo and Daphne Joy are giving us nothing but #RelationshipGoals with the beach pics they shared. It is safe to say most peeps over in singletown are jealous and some of us want a piece of that booty beauty!


"Take me to the edge of paradise"

If wishes were Jason Derulo,we know women would surely ride!*hint hint hint*

What is it with people? Why are we so judgemental? Michael B. Jordan(NBA player) and director Ryan Coogler are receiving backlash for a photo that seems to be a little homosexual. Yea,seems to be. This was for a photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine.


The controversial "touch"

Some people are saying that this is emasculation of men,or rightly put,the guy who is being touched.
Eish…I really don’t know how to handle this one,so i’mma leave it to you to give your opinion. Sidenote: none of them is gay.

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