Unconditionally Bae,Unconditionally lovely!


Cover for Unconditionally Bae

Oh hallelujah! We have just found love in Sauti Sol and Alikiba’s new hit song:Unconditionally Bae. Damn straight this is one track that hit the right notes…

The people
*The video is made up of baes,boos,a lot(and I mean a lot) of beefy chests and hourglass bodies and legs. You will thirst as you watch the video. I have given you prior warning!
*The mood is all but joy,fun and is evident in how the peeps in the video dance
*I don’t know if it’s my eyes but I saw many ladies than dudes….it’s not that i’m complaining,I mean,I could actually do with seeing them all day!
The mood
*Summer times vibes there! This is maybe due to the fact the video was shot at the coastal region of Kenya and we know how hot that place is
*Very very danceable! Yes,this one no lie.
*Ever heard one of those songs that really get to you? Please transfer that feeling here because I simply can not put it in words..


Tanzanian artist Ali Kiba

*I was glad that even men showed their chests and bit of calves in the video. We have left the days of objectifying women. We need fair play in the entertainment industry in terms of who is showing their skin.
*As usual Sauti Sol tried to ensure all the voices of the group members came out clearly
*AliKiba pulled it off and I have to say he has grown as an artist..
This is just ..
I should stop there and let you watch the video…

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~thanks for visiting,much love~


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