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Kanye West is a songwriter too! He composed Alicia Keys' song "You Don't Know My Name"

If you’re looking to join the music industry,you don’t have to become a singer. There’s another path to getting to the top in this field of entertainment. This is how to be a songwriter..


Ke$ha is another popular songwriter

Just like the likes of Ke$ha who have written songs for Britney Spears(‘Till the world ends),your work will be principally to craft and compose music ideas for popular musicians.
*consider it as doing a favor for a big celeb only that it comes with monetary compensation*
Once you have come up with a good song,you’re expected to pitch your idea to music agents,record companies and artists.
Have you now gotten the drift?



Even Bruno Mars started out that way..

I don’t know if Bruno Mars has a degree in music but it is one consideration. Education is never overrated but if you don’t have the degree yet no need to worry.
Your creativity is the key selling point and your love for music is important in order to know the trends.
You don’t need to have  worked for Interscope Records for the past 15 years in order to nail it. Just pitch a good idea in the right way. You can also start by offering to compose for a friend you know is just starting out in the music industry. Like with all things,small steps is the way to begin.


Lovy Longomba of the Longomba Brothers

In Kenya, Lovy Longomba is one of the most popular songwriters. He had been nominated for a Grammy Award some time back for crafting a song for Iggy Azalea(Yea,THE Iggy!). Bien Aime of Sauti Sol is another songwriter who has written for music band Elani.
Sauti Sol said they were looking to promote and encourage young upcoming songwriters to compose songs for them.
Just start where you are at,keep up with music trends,learn how to pitch your ideas and in a few years we will be featuring you in blogs and newspapers.
Good luck!

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