WCW: The sassy Selena Gomez


How’s everyone? This is a beautiful day for us to appreciate beautiful stars. You never thought this day would come but hey,it’s here. Selena Gomez is today’s celebrity crush….


*Guess who’s the new queen of instagram? She was recently announced as the most followed person on IG with a whooping 69.4million followers *gazes at the air to reflect*…how did she do that?
*She beat the likes of Kim(selfie-queen) and Beyonce to hit it. We are officially obsessed. We hope she retains the position. Okay now go follow!


S is for Squad
*Yes, she’s part of Taylor Swift’s famous squad group of friends. When you have Taytay as a bestie,what could possibly go south?
*Friends say a lot about you and in this case,Selena’s friends are saying she’s one hottie not to mess with!


S is for style
*Given that her body is all things amazing and uber,girl’s gotta dress right.
*Bodycon dresses,short dresses and skirts(minis?),sexy heels,enviable bikinis..uh-huh,bikinis too…*winks*
*Red carpet? Slayage is all she serves us with when she steps out. Yea,she has been known to make a few misses but she has nailed it more times than we can count
*#Slay-Lena Gomez is one fashion force to reckon with


S is for songs
*Mellow and all things snatched when it comes to singing
*Her latest mega jams have been “Same old love” and “Hands to myself”
*I have tried to sing-along but I have realized her voice does a better job than mine!


S is for sickness
*tears almost rolling* …I was shocked to read that she had suffered from Lupus cancer back in 2015. She went on a hiatus and was receiving chemotherapy treatment. Wah,this is no joke. Not many people go through this and make it out alive. Strong girl she is. She opened up in an interview for Billboard magazine.


That’s a wrap! What do you like about this star?

Instagram: @Khan_the_blogger
~thanks for visiting,much love~


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