Did the chapati forum go wrong? I don’t think so..


#chapatiforum kenya

As of Thursday,there was a trend on the streets of Kenyan twitter #ChapatiForum. What was it all about?
The gist
PR and social media strategist for the President of the country Itumbi, had organized for a cook up for street children. He had called upon people to gather in Nairobi’s Moi Avenue Primary School Saturday yesterday to prepare the local “chapati” and then have them shared and enjoyed by the street children from around the area.
Chaos or Success?
People actually did turn up for the forum. They actually cooked and shared the chapatis. A little scuffle emerged. Yes. An unruliness cropped up as the chapatis weren’t enough and the kids started fighting for the few ones. The police were called and the issue was resolved, albeit with a bit of a  struggle.
Media coverage
Most news outlets wrote how badly the whole thing went and how this was a political stunt. Why don’t we take our time to see the good in some things?


Well wishers preparing chapatis at the forum

Does anyone not see the effort of the people who volunteered to go and help? Let’s say it was a political manoeuvre but how many street children got something to eat because of that course yesterday?
Lessons we can learn:
*A helping hand may be laced with an ulterior motive but at the end of the day,a soul has been touched
*We all have power to do something for others and if an opportunity comes up,I believe we ought to get out of our comfort zones and do something
*I was impressed by the fact that the chapatis were prepared at the forum and not beforehand. This goes to show how far we can go if we learn to move as a united country.
*The forum also sent a message that there are people who have time for those who many might not have time for them.
We may just want to look at the flaws, but we should keep in mind,a heart of compassion goes a long way too.
We are fast approaching Easter. You may not be a Christian or a religious person,but for sure we have a responsibility to offer a hand where we can.
Have a good Sunday and a good week ahead.

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