Celeb Status Symbol: Pets


Cats have been replaced as pets...celebs now have "different" kinds of pets!

I should probably have written exotic pets. Celebrities are a unique group of humans and even though we love them,my God,they really need to get help when it comes to pets!
Wild animals!
*List of animals some celebs have as pets:
*Spiny ant-eater(*faints*)
*Tortoises (*Lawd what have we come to*)
Should I go on?


Kristen Stewart with half-breed wolf pet

This is Kristen Stewart with her half-breed wolf! Yes,even after seeing how dangerous wolves can be after she acted in the Twilight movies alongside them,she went ahead and got one! To be fair,her mum is the one who owns them(4 actually). But does it matter? You have a frikkin’ wolf at home!
Cost of maintenance:
*They are expensive to purchase
*They are expensive to feed
*They are expensive to keep happy
*They are just damn expensive!


Boxer Mike Tyson with his tiger pet

So apparently Mike Tyson’s tiger(yup!) costs him about $4000 monthly to maintain and by maintain I mean feed.
Advantages of having weird animals as pets:
*People see you as brave(how do you just keep a snake?)
*You’re almost assured of a theft free home
*You get fewer visitors(nags) and more business visitors(those who will pay to snap the animal)
The disadvantage?
*The quickest way to die is to sleep with or next to a hungry lion!


Justin Bieber with his monkey pet

So if I were a celeb and wanted to be part of the list of celebs with crazy a$$ pets,I’d go the Justin Bieber way. Get a monkey! Harmless and yet full of sleazy tricks!
Do you have a pet? I’m selling baby bees as pets..
*it’s never that serious*

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