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The *most* hated day of the week is here with us again *aghhhhh*. I trust though that you had a leisurely weekend. Okay,to be honest I don’t care how it was,I just want to share with you what was trending in the world of Kenyan celebville over the weekend. Wow,Monday really does make good people say bad things!

Musician aka mr-controversial was the talk in the internet alleys and highways. People were questioning Prezzo’s weight loss and his shagging habits prompting him to take a test to prove he’s not infected with HIV. He released his results on social media.
Here goes his status..


Being a celebrity is a full time job! And I definitely wouldn’t want to be one….
President Uhuru Kenyatta
A photo emerged of the country’s head of state and his wife much in love back in 1997. Oh yes,the word love used to be there back in ’97. They are still together and we are still envious of their #marriagegoals.
What do you think?


They look so damn good together!
Zari Hassan
Tanzanian socialite and wife(babymama?) to musician Diamond Platinumz shared a few snaps of her house and boy is it fancy.



Here is to living the good life!
Wishing you a lovely week ahead and praying for you to slay the dragon that is Monday!

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