An early party with Victoria Kimani and Abbas


Victoria Kimani looking hot as always

Yay It’s Friday! Jussss kidding….but I’m prompted to think so because of Victoria Kimani and Abbas’ new song: Party Like  A Moda
The title of the song is actually supposed to be “party like a moderf****r ”  but they were clever enough to leave it at “moda”.
It’s an interesting jam which sends a strong partying mood.
The video was shot at a club with few people which makes it easy to watch and enjoy without having to focus on so many people. Given the fact that the location was just one,it does make it a little bland but who cares,it’s a party!
Nicki Minaj vibes?
Oh yes. That’s what I got when the video started with Victoria Kimani laughing….but what say I? Vicky is the Kenyan version of Nicki


Vicky is smoking awesome in this snap

Liquor, dancing and wait for it….pole dancing! *clears throat* .
This song was true to itself and you don’t get confused as to what is being communicated. The message is loud and out there.
Maybe. It’s been long since we’ve heard Abbas’ voice and it does feel good to hear him rap in a collabo with a major female artist.


Abbas the rap master

This is the track to keep you looking forward to the weekend and to keep you chilled out as grind for a better life.
The video is here…

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