CelebCrush: The queenly Aja Naomi King


Aja serves us her killer smile..

Crushes. We all have them. We know we may never get ’em but hey,we are allowed to admire aren’t we? Celebrity crush of the day is the lovely actress Aja Naomi King


A closer look of that yellow mini and legs

If you are a TV fanatic(lover),you have definitely seen this face. She plays the ambitious and uptight Michaela Pratt in the TV series How To Get Away With Murder. Her character is one you simply cannot dismiss and even though she can be a bitch at times *most times* Michaela is one beauty you can’t resist. All thanks to Aja for portraying her.


Let's not forget style is in her bones too

*She has a Bachelors in Acting
*She also holds a Masters in Film and Acting from Yale Drama School
Studying is important as you can see.


Too gorgeous

*She was nominated for an Image Award back in 2015 for her role in the popular Shonda Rhimes series ~How To Get Away With Murder
*She won a Los Angeles Film Festival award back in 2012 for her part in the movie Four
Major TV Appearances
*She has appeared in popular shows such as;
Blue Bloods
Person of Interest
The Blacklist


The HTGAWM cast on the cover of Entertainment Weekly mag

She’s talented. She’s smart. She’s famous(hell yea!) and she’s mine…so hands off not unless it’s an autograph you want!
What’s on your mind?

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