We should just leave Dennis and Betty alone!


Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari at their much publicised and amazing wedding

Are Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari getting divorced? Of course not!

…and even if they are it’s still okay. Who even came up with this rumor that these two Kenyan media personalities have hit rock bottom in their love life? But it doesn’t matter. At times I think we tend to push things that aren’t even there. There are even theories as to why these two media bigwigs might split and some even claim they sleep in separate rooms! Okay,we need to find out who placed CCTV cameras in their house ASAP!
We should just let them be because:
*Perception is reality. They may end up questioning themselves if they are not solid enough and one thing may lead to another (God forbid)
*So what if they divorce? Truth is,we would never know for sure what would have been the cause. They are the ones who are married,not us.
*Let’s just wish them good will. After all it’s marriage,anything could happen.
Hey,just to be clear,I could be wrong. One guy’s opinion here.
What are your thoughts saying?

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