3 male stars, 3 magazine covers, who wins?


Zayn Malik during his cover photoshoot

April is here already *insert happy face* and that means the shelves are filling up with new magazine editions. I sampled three international covers with famous male stars. Who is clinching the winner’s trophy? Have a look

Zayn Malik


Zayn Malik~Complex magazine

Pop musician is covering the April edition of Complex magazine. Zayn,who split from the One Direction boy band and who’s song “pillow talk” is making waves is all black and white here.
How many votes for this cover??
Joe Manganiello


Joe on Men's Fitness mag

Joe starred in the series True Blood. His bae is actress Sophia Vergara. He has a killer body and he’s covering Men’s Fitness magazine.
How many likes and dislikes for him?
David Beckham


David Beckham ~GQ first cover

Soccer player extraodinaire got two covers for GQ magazine. *cover 1*


David on his second GQ cover

*cover 2*
He has been very successful in his career,has a wife who never ages(have you seen Victoria Beckham?) and kids who have inherited his sense of style.
Whack or knack for this one??
Who wins;Zayn,Joe or Beckham?

Oh…Happy Easter,happy holidays.
Sidenote:ladies,you can snack on that eyecandy for the time being.
Share your thoughts!

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