Fashion updates


Isn’t it crazy how Mondays just always seem hectic? Moving forward,we are obsessing over Bey’s new fashion line. Ladies,the fashion world is yours today…


Beyonce aka The Slay Queen recently launched her new athletic wear clothing line in collabo with retailer Topshop. The brand is called Ivy Park Wear and these are the clothes for the “sweating” woman. She also covers the April edition of Elle magazine and she rocks clothes from her new fashion line.


Christian Louboutin,the house of luxuriously expensive shoes has introduced a new pair of flats. Not heels but flats. For all the different skin tones of people. A direction in the right move? I think so. Ladies will now wear shoes that have a matching to their actual complexion.


When Jesus says yes,nobody can say no. And this is one thing Michelle,who sang such a song can only say. The former Destiny’s Child group member also launched her own brand of beddings. This is a fresh take on fashion + celebs.




Those duvets in those pics make me feel like i want to get back to bed and forget Monday even exists!
You are now up to date!

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