Gilad Millo is black and white in this song


He wowed us in his collabo with Wendy Kimani,he did the same yet again in a collabo with Dela and now he’s showing us his shine in his new single. Gilad Millo,a former Israeli diplomat-turned pop Kenyan musician ain’t slowing down any time soon!


This is the title of the song and I have to say it’s very simple and very local. The Swahili word which translates to “safe” or “secure” is used to show that he is right where he ought to be.
For a white man to sing fluent Swahili is not the easiest of feats and it’s good that he is really trying to show he’s part of us.
Elements to like about the song;
•The message that he is trying to sell is one on bringing unification between different races. In one of the lines he says that he wishes people were “color blind”. In the sense of looking past others skin complexion.
•The message is also about us as Africans accepting whites because when he says he is “black and white” on the inside it means Africans should have the same view point too. Do we as people of color embrace the whites or do we always expect it to be the other way round?
• The video was shot in a rural area,the setting was very low-key and modest,the meals were very Kenyan,he wasn’t driving a Range Rover but just what a typical local person would. This makes it very relatable and connects with the people from a very humble level. Kudos!
• It’s Gilad,I mean,has he dissapointed so far?


The song;
• Has a jazzy feel to it with the saxophones in the background
• Slow and smooth at best
•The only issue for me in the video is that the fashion was too bleh…I deduct one or two marks. Apart from that it’s a great feel-good song with a strong message for us all.

You can watch the video

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