#Youth_In_Business: Ultra Sure Group Solutions


Another week and the grind goes on. Today we are covering a group of young people who have taken the initiative to better themselves by forming a company. Meet UltraSureGroup Solutions..
The team
It is made of university students who are pursuing specific fields with nothing but sheer determination:
1)Erik Karimi
*ROLE:Chairperson/CEO of the group
*COURSE:Computer Science student
*EXPERIENCE: He has developed various websites and he is well versed in HTML,CSS,PhP,JavaScript,MySQL,Java,C++
2)Mike Njoroge
*ROLE: Vice Chair
*COURSE: Computer Science
*EXPERIENCE: Skilled in web designing and coding
3)Abel Yator
*ROLE: Project manager
*COURSE: Computer science
*EXPERIENCE: Currently working on a mobile banking application
4)Titus Kung’u
*ROLE: Business analyst
*COURSE: Computer science
*EXPERIENCE:  programming
5)Brian E. Ademba
*ROLE: Project manager
*COURSE: Computer science


From left: Joseph,Anthony,David, Brian,Erik,Veronica,MaryAnne,Mike,Abel

7) MaryAnne Wanjiku
*ROLE: Public Relations officer
*COURSE: Graphic Design
*EXPERIENCE: she designs business cards,logos and she is a writer with good communication skills
8)Veronica Otieno
*ROLE: Publicity manager
*COURSE: Computer science
*EXPERIENCE: Apart from programming she’s also a social media enthusiast
9) David Muhia
*ROLE: Financial manager
*COURSE: Bachelor of Business Management
*EXPERIENCE: skilled in finances,forex trading and stock market analysis
10)Joseph Rutto
*ROLE: Coding
*COURSE: Computer science
*EXPERIENCE: he runs a printing business,he is well versed in computer hardware,he also runs a computer electronics shop
11) Anthony Mbugua
*ROLE: Publicity manager
*COURSE: Information sciences
*EXPERIENCE: he runs a pop culture blog,a writer and a social media enthusiast too


Members in one of their meetings

This is one team that is determined to give you the best in;
*Website development
*Website creation
*Software development
*Mobile app creation
*Logos,posters and cards designing
*Blogging setup and training for beginners and advanced
*Article writing
*Forex trading training


They offer quality services at very affordable rates. It’s always nice to see people who are making a difference in their lives. Will you make a difference in their lives by being their client or by simply promoting their services?
Find more details at:

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