Celeb crush: The Pretty Pia Mia Perez!


Sexy slay bae Pia Mia is today’s crush. The 19 year old rising and shining star is slowly but surely making her way to the top and if you don’t love her,I hope the following pics will leave you swooning!
Quick Update:


She’s featuring in Will.I.Am’s new hot joint “Boys and Girls” and her voice,as always,is winning!

On magazines and photoshoots


In this business,you get some love and you get some flack. This cover of Notion magazine scored her major points…#MajorLove from me too.
Though,her photoshoots for Terry Richardson(the photographer who’s famous for taking nude snaps of female celebs) got lips moving…and not in the nicest way.



It doesn’t matter,she looked fine AF and we don’t blame her. Eish,who else was she going to share that synched body with if not the rest of the world? *ahem*


Quick bio:
Record label: She’s signed to Interscope label which is one of the biggest in the industry
Networth: roughly $1m. (Yup!)
Claim to fame: YouTube (y’all better go work your talent on the tube)
Sidehustles: Acting,modelling,dancing


Sidenote: her make up game is on another level for a girl her age. Still lovin’..
On friendships..


Kylie Jenner is her BFF. It doesn’t get any better than that,does it?

Do we love,like or adore this beauty?

Instagram: @_tonniey_
~thanks for visiting,much love~


2 thoughts on “Celeb crush: The Pretty Pia Mia Perez!

  1. Anonymous says:

    personally i think i adore the beauty.n you mean she is only 19?n why am i even living?oh! to get her of course..mr blogger next time drop us her number


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