Fitness Friday: Chanel Iman


Fleek pose

Sorry for slacking on this segment. I’m back on with model Chanel Iman. Her credits? She has dated Asap Rocky,been cast as a Bond girl,she’s a Victoria’s Secret top model and she starred in a movie last year titled Dope. Where on earth did she get that body?


On the runway

This young lady is no joke when it comes to strutting the runways of major fashion houses. She’s also fteinds with top celebs (obviously!) and she has a body many wish to have. What are her secrets? Not many. Apparently I didn’t find any comprehensive piece on how she really is that synched.


On the red(yellow?) carpet..

*Protein shakes
*Cheeseburgers and other sweet stuff. Apparently for a girl that lean,she’s an eater! We still love her. She was told she had to gain a few pounds for her to continue hitting the runway at Victoria’s Secret shows.
So don’t deny yourself meals in order to be like her. Appreciate your weighty size too unless you feel it’s a health risk.
*She dances(yay!)
*She does a bit of weight lifting
*She hits the gym 3-4 times a week



Slaying on the cover of Ocean Drive mag..


We are just panting and sweating as we stare at this instagram pic


When the "girls" wanna play,you gotta let 'em..

* A waist to die for
*Nice long legs
*Well toned body

Looking good is feeling good. How do you stay fit? Share!

Instagram: @_tonniey_
~thanks for visiting,much love~


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