M.I.N(Made In Nairobi) are rich in love!


How’s everyone so far? Is April treating you right? It’s almost over so don’t stress that much. Here’s another music review to keep you on track when it comes to your love life. Trust me,this jam is all you’ll need..
This is the title of the song which is a Swahili word that loosely translates to “decide or I have decided”. Just like you,I don’t know much about this group Made In Nairobi(M.i.N) but they are headed in the right direction.
The song
The beats and the use of Swahili make the joint very relatable. The singing too is also very Kenyan so you will not struggle to find the flow.
The video
It was shot in a nice place that has a very urban touch to it because of the graffiti you see on the walls. Which I believe is the goal of the group,to be urban. When the video is starting,there is a multicolored screen that’s displayed,followed by a censoring sound. This to me is one of my fave parts,it takes me back ages to when there was only one channel(KBC) in the country. #Nostalgia


Few things to like about the song and video in general;
#BaeGoals- I love that they were able to pull of the “deeply in love” theme with some couples dancing and doing those touchy-feely stuff together.
#FashionSense- it was so on point. Especially for the ladies,they were dressed to the nines. And the boys? Cool white shirts,shades and one had a hat on. This gave me a bit of Sauti Sol vibes.
Major concern;
There’s a girl in the video spotted dancing at a certain entrance. She wanted to give that seductive feeling but I think more could have been done to make it a bit more convincing. Anywhos,it’s a worthy move and you will enjoy it.

Take a look and a listen here…

Instagram: @_tonniey_
~thanks for visiting,much love~


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